Many gamers are no doubt eagerly waiting for Rockstar’s GTA 6. We have no idea when that will be arriving, but it seems that the company is more than happy to keep milking GTA 5. As you might recall, earlier this year it was announced that GTA 5 will be arriving on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X in November.

We know that some of you might already be sick of the game, but according to a post on the Sony Germany PlayStation Blog, it was revealed (via translation) that the game will run at 4K resolution at a buttery smooth 60 fps. This is for the PS5, but it’s probably safe to assume that the Xbox Series X should have no problems running the game at similar specs as well.

Now, it should be noted that GTA 5 for the PS4 supported 4K, but this is not “true” 4K. It is merely an upscaling of the game to 4K resolution. This is because as some have pointed out, only the PC version of GTA 5 has 4K assets, while the PS4 has 1080p assets, so some would consider this to not be “true” 4K.

Hopefully the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions will offer a true 4K experience, otherwise it will be rather disappointing and won’t be able to fully utilize the console’s hardware.

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