Microsoft has remained coy about the pricing details for their Surface tablets that will be released in the near future, but according to what the Seattle Times managed to wring out of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, it seems that the Surface tablet will be competitively priced to go up against the new iPad from Apple instead of spending time duking it out with far more affordable tablets such as the Nexus 7 from Google or the Kindle Fire HD. In fact, Ballmer mentioned that he expected different Surface models to sell from “probably $300 to about $700 or $800″, and a lot of this depends on whether they come equipped with Windows RT or Windows 8 Pro as the operating system of choice right out of the box.

Microsoft does not seem to want to entrench themselves in a price war with Amazon or Google be entering into the affordable 7” tablet arena, as the Surface tablet was specially designed to target the professional segment, and when one wants to kick back their legs, relax and enjoy after a hard day at the office, use the Surface tablet to watch movies or listen to their favorite music tracks.

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