lawsuitIf you have been around the internet long enough, you’ve probably stumbled across one or two questionable websites where girls (and presumably guys, but maybe not as common) will perform acts of the sexual nature via webcam in exchange for money. Given that these acts are done in the comfort and protection of their own home, we guess it’s a quick and easy way of making some extra bucks. However considering that perhaps not all these girls are willing participants and without a proper way to make sure that participants are of the legal age, the country of Philippines has decided to outlaw cybersex and online sex video chatting. Those found guilty will be fined $6,000 and a jail term of up to six months.

A cybercrime unit will also be set up which will exclusively handle cases that deal with the violation of this new law, and they are also looking into setting up cybercrime courts with specially trained judges. While that is well and good, there are some who are worried that this law could be used to curb the freedom of the press, especially since it has listed internet libel as a cybercrime.

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