So you have been in Singleville for the longest time ever, and the closest thing you ever had to a date in recent memory was by playing Leisure Suit Larry on an emulator. Perhaps it is time to see how technology can help you bridge the gap with who you are attracted to, instead of having it build a brick wall. The RiSR has been dubbed to be a wearable sensor network that fully intends to help you out of your love life rut. How does it do this? RiSR has solemnly promised to teach you the methods of improving your body language, which ultimately increase your chances of landing a date as you end up projecting a more confident image.


RiSR was designed to carry a net of sensors which are synchronized to an infrared camera, where it then goes to work by correcting your body posture via vibration feedback. The corrective measures do not stop there though, as it also has a social aspect to it that claims to teach you how to woo your date, or in the case of a lady, how to command respect in the office.

The RiSR system allegedly delivers “spot-on posture evaluations in every situation”, and when you translate that to English, it means you are given suggestions how to posture yourself based on your current body language as well as the other person whom you are interacting with. The calibration process is not that rigid to make wearing the RiSR network more comfortable to get used to. Imagine getting to second base and when you take off your shirt, you look like some sort of freak show. Remember Multiple Man from the X-Men comics? It somewhat resembles one of Jamie’s costumes.

Of course, if you just want a plain old posture correction device, we have seen our fair share in the past.

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