iPosture Posture Improvement Device

Ever wondered why you failed to land that last job despite out-qualifying every other applicant? Perhaps it could’ve boiled down to your bad posture – and that could have been avoided if you had the assistance of the iPosture posture improvement device in the first place. This unisex gizmo is worn as a pendany and can be clipped to clothing or adhered directly to the skin.

The iPosture immediately begins improving a user’s posture by vibrating intermittently when the user slouches and continuing to vibrate until posture is corrected. The iPosture is designed to be worn for approximately four hours per day for the first two to four weeks in order to improve posture by ingraining good behaviors in the user. Once a user learns to correct him- or herself, he or she will continue to do so even when not wearing the device. However, the user should continue to use the device two to three times per week thereafter to maintain posture improvement. The iPosture monitor was developed to be the smallest, most user-friendly posture improvement device on the market. Just 1 inch in diameter, the iPosture is designed with intuitive technology that senses when the body slouches, and it alerts the user with a brief vibration to correct it.

The iPosture posture improvement device will retail for $99.95. [Press Release]

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