At a robot dancing competition in Bejing, this particular robot might remind some others of the late and great King of Pop, Michael Jackson, especially when it takes to the dance floor. Paraded at the first Beijing College Student Robotics Competition, 99 teams from Beijing and Taiwan participated in the two-day competition, where among the sports thrown into the mix included boxing, athletics, football and golf. Needless to say, the dancing category did have its fair share of ups and downs, where students programmed their metallic embodiments to dance out what is deemed to be a collection of difficult movements, especially where robots are concerned. While we would not be getting a robot that can dance like Michael in such a lifelike manner anytime soon, at least this is a start – and a good one, I am sure. It will still take a very, very long time for the field of robotics to have advanced to a level where a robot’s movement is so realistic to that of a human, and we cannot even tell the difference.

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