Solar panels have been widely used to generate electric power from Sun’s energy. They comprise of photovoltaic cells which can capture the heat energy from Sun and then turn it into usable electric power. The solar panels that are usually available in the market come in dark shades, most often in a black color.

However, Sharp has come up with a lot more attractive version of them. The company has unveiled semi-transparent solar panels which look almost like glass. Although these panels offer a lower rate of conversion from heat to electric energy, the good part is that they can be extensively used in construction.

In fact, according to the company, the panels are aptly suited to go with balcony railing and windows in skyscrapers. Rather than fitting these positions with the regular glass, you can simply include these semi-transparent solar panels. They give all the looks of the regular glass except that they would also produce electric power for you.

The conversion rate of these panels is 6.8 percent, peaking at a maximum output of 95 watts. This is lower than the conventional solar panels but then that’s the trade-off for better looks. The panels have been announced for the Japanese market, launching from October 1, although details about an international launch and their pricing are not known yet.

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