The problem with solar panel installation is that it’s not exactly a walk in the park, plus it kind of makes the roof of your home ugly if it’s retrofitted. This is a problem that companies like Tesla have tried to solar with the Solar Roof, but it created another problem and that is it required a specialized team to install it.

There is also another issue of if certain parts of the panel fail, you can’t just replace it like you would with traditional roof shingles, and that’s a problem that GAF Energy thinks that they have solved with their Timberline Solar shingles. The company claims that installation is easy where all you really need is a nailgun (and roofers) and you’re set.

Instead of retrofitting a bulky set of solar panels like back in the day, or having your entire roof replaced like Tesla’s Solar Roof, the Timberline Solar series can be installed on top of your existing roof simply by being nailed into place. The upside is that if it needs to be replaced, you can just remove the defective piece without having to redo your entire roof.

The company claims that the Timberline Solar are the first products to receive UL’s 7103 certification, where it can serve as both solar panels and construction material. It features the use of glass, polysilicon solar cells, and a proprietary top made out of fluorinated alkane ethylene polymer that’s fire-resistant and impact-resistant, and they’re even textured so that roofers can safely walk on them during the installation process.

That being said, there is no mention of how much these solar tiles will cost, but homeowners who are interested in making their homes more eco-friendly can enquire with the company’s roofing contractors across the US East Coast and Texas.

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