Technology is increasingly becoming incorporated into every single aspect of human life. And it has been of immense help and use in many areas. For instance, advancement in robotics has enabled us to speed up the manufacturing and other industrial processes. Moreover, robots can also assist humans in an individual capacity.

For instance, Toyota has unveiled a new robot called Human Support Robot (HSR) which is meant to help the disabled persons around their home, aiding them in common tasks.

Controlling HSR is very easy. You can do so simply by interacting with an easy-to-use UI on a tablet. The best part about HSR is that it comes with an arm as well as a gripper. This renders it capable of performing a number of tasks which are usually regarded as trivial but can be very important for a person with disabilities.

The height of the robot is adjustable, ranging from 2.7 to 4.3 feet. Moreover, the arm length is 2.5 feet but when the arm is not engaged, it neatly folds tightly against the body. The maximum speed of the robot is 1.8 miles per hour which is fairly adequate for indoor movements.

However, the robot is still kind of a proof-of-concept and we can expect it to be commercially available only a few years from now.

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