You know something? I find the phrase “keeping time” takes on a whole new meaning with the limited edition SAFE watches from Watchismo and Click Watches, where each of these puppies will come with their individual edition number engraved on the caseback. Needless to say, this will continue from where the more common Keypad Hidden Time watch collection left off, and the latter was recently released even. You can “unlock” the time not by swiping as you are so used with your smartphone, but rather, to press the zero in order to see a sequential flashing of LED bulbs in corresponding keypad buttons.

This makes it a snap to tell the time, although doing so still will not make it as fast as an analog or digital timepiece. As with many modern technological timepieces, you can opt to display the time in 12 hour or 24 hour formats, and the number pad has been set into an angular steel case without any distinguishable display at all, delivering a totally new way of checking out the current time. Will it make you more punctual? That can only be answered by you, and right now, instead of forking out two Benjamins for it, it will retail for a promotional $129.99.

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