Click Keypad LED watchIf you like the idea of carrying a keypad around with you on your wrist, you might want to check out the Click Keypard LED Watch from Watchismo. This unique watch doesn’t have a display, but tells you the time by lighting up the numbers on the keypard in order when you press a button i.e. 0, 9, 1, 5 would mean 09:15 and so on. Pressing the Hash key will show you the date in the same format i.e. 0, 7, 2, 4 would mean 07-24 or July 24th.


Sure you won’t be able to find out the time in a pinch, but just like all these fancy watches, they’re probably designed to start conversations more than actually be effective. Head here if you’d like to pick one up ($99) and check out a video demonstration of the Click Keypad:

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