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Chrome Remote Desktop now out of beta and added with more features

Following its beta launch one year ago, Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop is now officially out with more nifty features. Among the new features added are real-time audio feed on Windows which will allow users, for example, to access music files remotely across computers and the ability to copy-and-paste between local and remote computers. In case you haven’t heard about Chrome Remote Desktop, it’s actually an extension that allows users to remotely access another computer through a Chrome browser or a Chromebook.

“One year ago, we launched Chrome Remote Desktop in beta. From adjusting printer settings on your mom’s computer to finding a lost file on your dad’s laptop, Chrome Remote Desktop has made you the family hero by helping you remotely access other computers — including your own — via Chrome. Now, we are taking Chrome Remote Desktop out of beta, by adding some additional features,” said Stephen Konig, the Product Manager for Google Chrome.

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