All right, what you see above is the Google Nexus 7 tablet by Asus which is a pretty decent device by all means and purposes, and it seems that Apple is about to encroach on the 7” tablet market with the rumored iPad Mini. Well, what are those companies with 7” tablets going to do about it? Word on the street has it that Google and Samsung have a backup plan, that is, to take the fight to the regular sized iPad instead, resulting in whispers of a high-end 10.1” tablet device from a Google-Samsung collaboration.

This alleged 10.1” tablet will target Apple’s iPad as mentioned, and it would also mark Google’s first entrance into the high-end tablet market. Perhaps Samsung too, is seeking some leverage out from this partnership instead of relying solely on their Galaxy Tab 10.1 range. NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim informed CNET that one of the main features of this alleged team up would be a display that carries a whopping 2,560 x 1,600 resolution, which translates to a pixel density of approximately 299 pixels per inch (PPI). When you compare to the iPad’s 9.7” 2,048 x 1,536 resolution Retina display, that maxes out at 264 PPI.

The thing is, the best hardware does not necessarily mean you win the war, but it could prove to be quite the bargaining chip for folks sitting on the fence.

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