One of the joys of playing an MMO is that there’s something for everyone. For example gamers who wish to roleplay can do so, while those who prefer to quest and raid can do so, while gamers who wish to fight against other players can do so as well. Interestingly though, ArenaNet has recently announced that as far as PvP for Guild Wars 2 is concerned, gamers will have the option of participating in paid tournaments. This seems like a departure from typical PvP events which is generally free of charge, although we expect that its paid factor should weed out those looking to fool around and encourage the more serious gamer.

ArenaNet did not state how much these paid PvP arenas will cost, but they did state that players will need tickets which can be bought from the gem store, or which can also be found in reward chests from the free tournaments, or when players gain a rank. ArenaNet also stated that all players participating will receive something for their efforts, although unsurprisingly the teams that place 1st to 4th will receive much better rewards. Given that Guild Wars 2 is free to play, as in there is no monthly subscription fee normally associated with MMOs, we guess paid PvP tournaments is just one of the ways ArenaNet can make money from the game. More details about the future of PvP in Guild Wars 2 can be found on ArenaNet’s blog in the source link below.

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