When talking about Android tablets, companies like Samsung, ASUS, and Amazon probably come to mind. HTC on the other hand not so much. While HTC did release the Flyer tablet a while back, safe to say it did not make that big of an impact that HTC had hoped for. The bad news is that if you thought the Flyer was a good tablet and wouldn’t mind seeing more Android tablets from HTC in the future, you might be out of luck as the company has announced that they will be exiting the US tablet market – at least for now.

HTC was not clear on what their strategy is for now, although they have laid out a couple of options – one of which is to tackle the low-end (in terms of price) market which Google and Amazon have done with the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire respectively, or they could come up with a high-end and more powerful device that will cost more. Whichever decision they go for, HTC has announced that they could re-enter the tablet market in the US as long as they had a product that could make a splash. So there you have it – rather disappointing news as HTC has created some great products in the past and the present, but hopefully they will make a comeback with something amazing.

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