It is safe to assume that many of us rely on the alarms built into our smartphones to wake us up. Unfortunately some of us happen to be extremely heavy sleepers and normal phone alarms just aren’t enough to wake us up. If you think that describes you or if you know someone who has trouble waking up early, perhaps this iBell iPhone accessory might be the perfect gift. As you can see in the image above, the iBell combines the modern with the classic, whereby the modern comes in the form of the iPhone and the dock (the iBell will cradle your dock, while the iBell mini will simply connect to it), and the classic is in the form of the alarm bells.

There is an app accompanying it that will trigger the alarm depending on the time you set it. Unfortunately the instructions are apparently in Japanese but are supposedly “self-explanatory”. It should be noted that the iBell will act as a charger for your iPhone while the iBell mini won’t. You can pick either one up at the Japan Trend Shop at $38 and $27 respectively. Any takers?

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