Hmmm, things do not seem to be going great guns for Apple at this particular point in time, what with their CEO’s recent apology for the Apple Maps snafu, here we are with something that could very well bring a smile to users’ faces. There seems to be a glitch in the iCloud account system that has pushed the renewal dates for users 38 years in advance to 2050, instead of downgrading them to just 5GB of storage space. Of course, not all accounts are affected, but those which were displayed extended storage space with renewal dates that were set years in the future.

This particular change is in all probability a system glitch that is most probably the result of an operator error, and make no mistake about it – a company like Apple will most likely perform a correction in due time. Do not be surprised if this benefit no longer appears in the future, and we suspect that it will not be long. As to whether any heads rolled due to this particular glitch, that remains to be seen.

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