One of the new features Apple introduced in iOS 15 is iCloud Private Relay. For those unfamiliar, it is a feature that hides your IP address so that websites will have a harder time tracking you. However, is it obvious based on the name? Hardly, which is why Apple has rebranded it.

In the iOS 15.2 beta, it seems that Apple has taken out the iCloud Private Relay name in the Settings and has changed it to “Limit IP Address Tracking”. It is still possible that Apple is keeping the branding, but at least in the Settings menu, its name now becomes more obvious as to what it does.

As iMore notes, the description in the text still mentions iCloud Private Relay, but as far as the Settings are concerned, it has become a bit more obvious as to what the feature will do if users were to toggle it on. iCloud Private Relay is still in beta but anyone who has iOS 15 will be able to use it as long as they are a paid iCloud subscriber.

Apple has made it clear that this feature is not a VPN as part of what a VPN does is letting users mask their location and even changing their location, but that’s not what iCloud Private Relay does. It’s actually a useful feature and one that might be worth looking into if masking your IP address is something you’re interested in.

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