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Iomega StorCenter px2-300d and ix4-300d NAS

iomega ix4 640x604Iomega has recently launched two new network attached storage (NAS) offering that run respectively on Intel (px2) and ARM (ix4) architectures.  Both share a similar clean user interface that looks like what we have seen with the StorCenter ix2. The Iomega px2-300d runs on an Intel processor, which basically makes it snappier. It also has hot-swappable drives (6TB max capacity), which is pretty important if customers don’t want any kind of interruptions during maintenance.

On the other hand, the Iomega ix4-300d can receive up to 12TB storage, but it does not have the hot-swappable capability, and it won’t run the anti-virus protection software that the px2 runs.  The performance of the Iomega ix4 is not as high as the px2, but this is probably not a problem if it is used for simple shared storage or even for streaming content like video. This is the usual tradeoff between performance, price and capacity.

iomega px2 543x640Both NAS devices have a common “core” of features, and here are those that caught my attention: Data remote access over the Internet, Data replication over USB or the network, Video surveillance API, PC/Mac/Linux support, Apple Time Machine support, built-in DLNA and media streaming support and auto-uploads to social media services.

Both models are sold in a variety of configurations going from “bare” to 6TB or 12TB. From Iomega’s press release:

“The new Iomega® StorCenter™ px2-300d Network Storage is now shipping worldwide.  The diskless model is $499.99, the 2TB model is $699.99, the 4TB model is $999.99, and the 6TB model is $1,199.99.

The New Iomega® StorCenter™ ix4-300d Network Storage is also shipping worldwide.  The diskless model is now available for $599.99.   The following storage capacity versions of the new StorCenter ix4-300d will be available shortly: the 4TB model will be $749.99, the 8TB will be $949.99, and the 12TB model will be $1,299.99. “

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