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Seagate NAS and NAS Pro Network Storage for SMBs
Seagate has announced two network attached storage (NAS) products for small and medium businesses (SMBs) with two distinct NAS models. The first is the Seagate NAS which comes with either two or four HDD bays and has been designed to provide storage for an average of 25 employees. It is powered by a Marvell dual-core chip running at 1.2GHz

WD My Cloud Review (2TB Model)
Thinking of having your own personal cloud, WD My Cloud may be what you have been waiting for. Marketed as “Save Everything, Access Anywhere”, the My Cloud is available in 2, 3 and 4 TB size. As a single drive setup, the My Cloud targets mostly home users and it is priced accordingly. For instance, the model tested in this review is built around a 2 TB red WD hard […]

Toshiba Canvio Home 2TB and 3TB NAS
The Canvio Home Backup & Share is Toshiba’s new home network appliance (or home network attached storage/NAS) and will come with either 2TB or 3TB of disk storage. The device will be marketed as a personal cloud storage since it can server content both within the home and over the public internet as well. This has become a must-have feature since a big part of the appeal for customers is […]

LinkStation 200 Is Buffalo's New Network Attached Storage Series (NAS)
[CES 2014] Buffalo is a company known for its wired and wireless networking as well as network and direct attached storage solutions. The company has come with a number of new products at CES 2014, products like a 1TB portable HDD that doubles as a portable charger and Wi-Fi hotspot. The LinkStation 200 is Buffalo’s new series of network storage devices. Using these devices, customers can easily backup data, store, […]


Thecus N2310 NAS Sips On Just 5W Of Power
In this day and age, the total amount of information that we have in our slew of devices can add up to staggering values, so much so that it is virtually impossible to keep track of it all after a while. You would need plenty of discipline as well as enough resources and physical space to start cataloging those 1TB hard drives by the computer. Well, cheap and feature rich […]

NETGEAR ReadyNAS 716 Gets Xeon 3.2GHz CPU and 16GB of RAM
NETGEAR has just announced the ReadyNAS 716, a powerful Network Attached Storage (NAS) system for business usage that NETGEAR says is powerful enough to serve 150 concurrent 1080p video streams… if your network can support it. To achieve this level of performance, NETGEAR has tapped into a powerful Xeon (Ivy Bridge) E3-1225v2 quad-core CPU from Intel which runs at 3.2GHz and is couple with 16GB of RAM (ECC memory). More […]

Western Digital’s My Cloud Makes Network Storage Easy
Western Digital (WD) has just launched a new family of “personal cloud solutions” called My Cloud. This consists in new hardware of course, but includes an even more important software solution that lets users access and manage their data from a personal cloud in an easy way. The idea behind My Cloud is that managing a personal cloud based on one of more network attached storage (NAS) devices in your […]

BuffaloLink Is Buffalo's Web NAS Interface Going Forward
[CES 2013] Buffalo knows that the biggest challenge facing the entire NAS (Network Attached Storage) industry is to figure out how to expand its market from network storage enthusiasts to folks that want network storage but without the administration hassle that is often associated to NAS. To be honest, I’m quite a NAS fan myself, but I don’t really care for opening ports or deal with NAT (network address translation) […]

Buffalo LinkStation 410 and LinkStation 420 Refresh
[CES 2013] Buffalo is coming up with two interesting models that are part of the 2013 refresh of the LinkStation line of network-attached storage (NAS). Both models feature a significant increase in performance (in MB/s) which is mainly due to a new processor (CPU) and a lot more memory. The CPU went from a frequency of 600Mhz to one of 1.6GHz, and the memory went from 64MB (DDR2) to 256MB […]

Seagate Central Storage System
As we switch our lives to the digital world, more and more people would like to have a central repository for their content. Solutions have existed for some time, but for a while, getting a NAS and setting it up properly was out of the reach of the lay person who would rather spend time playing with the tech, than spend time setting it up. To be fair, nobody likes […]

Iomega StorCenter px2-300d and ix4-300d NAS
Iomega has recently launched two new network attached storage (NAS) offering that run respectively on Intel (px2) and ARM (ix4) architectures.  Both share a similar clean user interface that looks like what we have seen with the StorCenter ix2. The Iomega px2-300d runs on an Intel processor, which basically makes it snappier. It also has hot-swappable drives (6TB max capacity), which is pretty important if customers don’t want any kind […]

LG N2T3 network attached storage
[CES 2012] So we took a gander at the LG N1A5 network attached storage, and here is another model that professionals and power users might want to look into – the LG N2T3 model that sports a 2-bay hard drive, supporting up to 4TB of storage space as well as a slot DVD writer. This plug-and-play setup will deliver a choice between selective mirroring or RAID support, depending on whichever […]

LG N1A5 network attached storage
[CES 2012] Here is something that you might actually mistake for an older generation Apple TV from far off – the LG N1A5 network storage system. Sporting 1TB of storage space, this integrated NAS (Network Attached Storage) will offer mobile and Web access thanks to iOS and Android support, and also boasts of an automatic PC folder backup. Accessing your content on the LG N1A5 should not be an issue […]

WD 2go Pro Mobile App for Personal Cloud
Today, Western Digital is introducing its WD 2go Pro mobile app for its My Book Live  personal cloud storage solution. My Book Live drive is a NAS (Network Attached Storage) that connects to the home network remotely accessible from inside or outside the house.Users can remote access to the My Book Live from any computer over the internet through, or from the free WD 2go or the WD 2go […]

Pogoplug Mobile - Extends Storage for iOS and Android Devices
After simplifying multimedia sharing for desktops and laptops, Cloud Engines is introducing Pogoplug Mobile, an incarnation of Pogoplug for smartphone and tablets. Pogoplug Mobile works on the same principle as its older sibbling: it’s basically an easy to use web server to which you attach a USB drive with whatever capacity you want. Once setup, it can serve content over the network via a nice user interface.

Pogoplug becomes pure software, opens DIY floodgates
Pogoplug is often known as the cute “plug” that transforms a USB hard drive into a network attached storage (NAS) with a powerful (yet, super easy to use) web media server. More recently, it has become the force behind a number of  NAS designs as it was directly embedded in the disks themselves. Now, Pogoplug will come as a pure software solution which will transform your computer(s) into the most […]

Hitachi G-Connect: A Wireless Storage + Router for Mobiles
Hitachi G-Connect - Hitachi is just released G-Connect, a personal storage and networking device that addresses a pervasive issue with mobile devices: too little local storage

Drobo targets businesses with 12-bay Pro series
Drobo is a name that is commonly associated with networked attached storage solutions for the home as well as businesses, and they will be targeting the latter niche market this time round with the new B1200i that boasts a dozen bays alongside an iSCSI interface. Of course, apart from the ability to hold more storage space, it will also sport new tricks up its sleeve, such as a trio of […]

Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive Cloud Edition
[CES 2011] Iomega is launching its new consumer NAS (Network Attached Storage) product dubbed “Cloud Edition” which features the new Iomega Personal Cloud software which “makes every NAS box a cloud server” according to Jonathan Huberman, President, Iomega.Leveraging parent company EMC’s know-how as a leader in the network storage and information management industry, Iomega came up with an easy to use “personal cloud solution” that lets users privately share files […]

Synology DS1511+ holds up to 45TB of storage space
Just how low will your jaw drop if you know that the Synology DS1511+ DiskStation is capable of storing up to 45TB of data? That is right, this five-bay NAS is capable of accepting up to two DX510 expansion units for a total of up to 15 drives, and if you decide to go all out with 3TB drives, that can yield up to 45TB of storage – a figure […]