You can say that Lego bricks are the building blocks of ideas, and when it comes to electronics and Lego, they have shared a similar path along the way from time to time. With the release of the iPhone 5 from Apple along with the new Lightning connector, you know for sure that there is a whole lot of money to be made if you were to manufacture iPhone 5 docks, speaker or otherwise. Enter the Lego iPhone 5 Dock which has been tilted at a slight angle in order to be easier for your eyes to look upon, similar to how the official docks work.

There is also the presence of Lego Grills which will be where all audio is played through, located right underneath the iPhone speaker. Clips have been thrown into the mix to hold the cable in place, and it boasts of a design which allows you to perform one-handed removal of the iPhone 5 from the dock itself. You will need to have enough Lego acumen to build the dock though, and the asking price of £11.95 for the Lego iPhone 5 Dock does seem to be a pretty reasonable one.

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