Assuming you have just made the migration to the Windows 8 operating system, you might find the entire experience a wee bit disoriented. After all, it does take some time to get used to a new operating system, and Windows 8 is no different. Some folks who do rely on Google’s suite of apps might want things to work as they did before, which is why Google has shared just how one is able to get their Google experience back, so to speak. The team over at Google designed and built a new Google Search app and Chrome browser for Windows 8, while setting up a simple site so that you can, in essence, “get your Google back.”


The Google Search app sports a clean and recognizable user interface at first glance, and the newly integrated voice search will allow you to naturally speak questions. Thanks to touchscreen sensitivity, its image search and image previews have been specially constructed and programmed for such interfaces, and you will also receive immediate results as you type with Google Instant.

The Chrome browser will remain as it is, although there are some customizations thrown into the mix for touchscreen use, such as larger buttons as well as the option to keep Chrome open next to your other favorite apps.

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