We know that by using one login name and one password for all your accounts is just a great way of letting hackers gain access to all your accounts in one fell swoop, but Mozilla thinks otherwise and has launched the official beta of Persona, the company’s identity management system. Basically what it does is that instead of having websites authenticate the user, the authentication will be based on a decentralized system and by choosing one password, you will have the option of logging in to multiple websites.

In a way it’s kind of like how by signing into your Google account, you can access your mail, calendar, Google+ account and etc., although in Persona’s case it will let you log into different websites that aren’t necessarily owned by the same entity. Of course websites will need to support Persona and so far Mozilla has listed The Times Crossword, OpenPhoto and Voost as some of the sites who currently support Persona logins. It sounds like a pretty convenient solution, although we’d hate to think of the mess and chaos that will ensue if hackers gained access to user passwords, but if you don’t mind giving the beta a try, head on over to Mozilla’s website for the details.

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