Microsoft lifted the curtain on their new design yesterday, which will also be made available to Internet Explorer 10 users later this October. The new look will definitely share design DNA with Microsoft’s “Metro” layout, and will be a Windows 8 exclusive for users of the new operating system this coming October 26th. Just as how the majority of Windows 8 devices will ship with as the default homepage then, you can be sure that most of them will see (pun not intended) their eyeballs greeted with the news site when they fire up their spanking new Windows machine for the first time.

Do you like the redesign that carries the new corporate logo as well as homepage? Microsoft claims that it will also be able to render pages twice as fast compared to its predecessor, the classic version of MSN. As long as it is functional and there are no bugs dogging the redesign, we are all for it. If you are in line for Windows 8 at the end of this month, are you excited at what Microsoft has to offer, or are you just going to go through the notions of an operating system upgrade in a nonchalant manner just like in years past?

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