It seems that many aspects of life are being shaped or influenced by the world of robotics, and this time around, we have a sea turtle-inspired robot known as the Naro-Tartaruga, which is the brainchild of researchers at ETH-Zurich. One of the reasons the Naro-Tartaruga is based on the sea turtle would be due to the creatures’ rigid bodies which are technically easier to copy compared to that of fish. Apart from that, with a relatively generous torso, there is more than ample space to pack on an adequate supply of sensor and batteries so that the life of an autonomous robot turtle is very possible. I don’t think that sharks would want to take a bite out of this unwieldy looking robot though.

Sporting a cruising speed of 5 miles an hour, the Naro-Tartaruga will feature a trio of actuators on each fin that allows it to operate independently, ensuring that the robot remains relatively maneuverable to boot. There are sensors located all over to measure pressure, temperature, location, in addition to collecting important data on the energy efficiency of flapping propulsion. The ultimate goal of the Naro-Tartaruga? To eventually construct a highly aerodynamic and efficient underwater ride.

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