We all know that when it comes to high end gaming peripherals, the name Razer is always somewhere on the list. Well, the company which specializes in gaming peripherals did come up with the idea of a high end gaming tablet, calling it Project Fiona in the process. We are pleased to say that Project Fiona has finally made her way into the latest FCC filings, although she is not called that by federal regulators who have spent their fair share of time with Project Fiona. Boy, do we envy the folks over at the FCC from time to time! It does seem as though the nunchuk-like controllers failed to make the grade in the FCC’s label location outline, although in an attached accessory list, it does point towards a Razer-branded controller, running on a 2800mAh battery that points toward the possibility of this prototype’s gamepads being independent of it, or could be detached. As for the tablet itself, a 5600mAh battery will drive its processing needs.

Bear in mind that what we see in the FCC prototype above could very well not be the final design, but at least it does go to show that the device itself is on an evolutionary path, and it is well on its way to being released to the masses.

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