It’s no secret that RIM has fallen from the top position that it used to hold only a few years ago, but we guess all good things must come to an end, right? Well perhaps not,  as some of you guys know, RIM is hoping to make a comeback with Blackberry 10, a new platform with new devices that support it and so far from what we’ve seen, it certainly looks promising! That being said, the IDC has released their Q3 2012 report for the top smartphone vendors and surprisingly RIM has managed to pick up the number three spot, sitting very far behind Apple and Samsung, but still number three nonetheless. Interestingly this bump to third place has also knocked out Nokia from the top 5, apparently the first time this has happened since 2004. We guess this means that people out there still love and buy RIM’s Blackberry smartphones, but do you think those numbers could increase drastically in 2013 when Blackberry 10 and its accompanying devices hit the market?

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