There aren’t too many mobile devices out there that can boast a full 1080p HD display, save for the HTC J Butterfly, HTC’s take on the phablet. Well unsurprisingly it seems that other manufacturers for Android have plans to catchup and according to MK News, it looks like Samsung, LG and Pantech have plans to launch 1080p smartphones come 2013. According to the report, these high-end smartphones are expected to be introduced before the second half of next year, and if the report is accurate, we guess it wouldn’t be completely unreasonable of us to expect that the Samsung Galaxy S4 could sport such a display. Either way with LG’s flagship, the Optimus G being launched not too long ago, we have to wonder what sort of device LG might have up their sleeves. Either way we’ll keep our eyes peeled, but are you guys looking forward to 1080p Full HD displays next year, or do you think the current-gen of displays are good enough and going 1080p Full HD is just another marketing gimmick that manufacturers will use to advertise their phones?

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