Mobile devices are the rage of our digital age. And given the pace at which technology is advancing, its no wonder that we get to see a new product, or an idea, every other day. Google pushed the bar higher for everyone by unveiling its Google Glasses, a product which is quite mesmerizing and has slick looks.

The company is apparently planning to continue treading along the path of creating more wearable tech gadgets. It has now patented a smart wrist watch which packs a flip-up display.

Once you flip open the top lid of the watch, it becomes a touchscreen display. However, the display wouldn’t only be a portal to receive notifications from your smartphone. The patent claims that this display will be able to show off a number of Google applications such as Gmail, Maps and more.

Moreover, this display will be transparent and as you view things through it, buildings and locations, Google will pop up relevant ads on the watch. The watch will also be give you directions. In all, the patent speaks of a really cool gadget which can be very handy and useful for the consumers. Yet, it’s merely an idea for now and let’s see if it ever makes it out in the real world.

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