Water damage and cracked screens are probably some of the most common accidents that we’ve seen happen to iOS devices, although this one is pretty extreme and pretty amazing if it is true. The story goes like this – back in April of 2012, Ken Hovanes accidentally drops his iPhone in Smith Lake, Alabama. Due to the murky waters and Hovanes’ unwillingness to go dive blindly, he gave up and got himself a new phone. Fast forward to the previous weekend where the water levels of the lake were low enough, Hovanes managed to spot his phone and to his surprise, the phone was still working!

Apart from the obvious physical damage to the phone, a dirty dock and an unsightly bulge, it seems that the internals weren’t too affected and after drying it out and plugging it in, the phone managed to boot up. However as you can see in the image above, the touchscreen is a bit wonky and according to Hovanes, there is no sound and the phone can’t hold a charge nor connect to a computer. We’re not sure if Apple will replace his phone but what are your thoughts? If it is true, it is pretty impressive how the phone is still “working” even after being submerged underwater for a good six months!

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