I have been a customer in a Japanese fast food restaurant that uses iPads as its menu, where orders you place will be sent straight to the kitchen without the need to summon a garçon over. Well, it seems that menus are not the only items to be replaced by the iPad, but Urban Outfitters could very well ditch the traditional cash register for Apple’s hot selling tablet as well. According to CIO Calvin Hollinger, they will eventually be using nothing but Apple devices in their stores, where sales people will carry the iPod touch, while cash registers are rendered obsolete by iPads on a swivel.

Hollinger continues, “Two or three weeks ago, we placed our very last register order… once we make sure this ipad works.. all stores will be equipped with iPod touches and iPads.” He explained further on this issue that iPads cost approximately 20% cheaper than a cash register, and has far more functionality. What do you think of this move, and will other companies adopt a similar approach?

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