Don’t you find it rather interesting that Microsoft has already officially announced Windows Phone 8 with a slew of high powered handsets from the likes of Samsung, HTC and Nokia, but they have yet to release what is deemed as an older version of the mobile operating system – namely, Windows Phone 7.8? Yes sir, this update was supposed to act as a go-between operating system for folks who do not want high powered smartphones and yet want to get a slight taste of what Windows Phone 8 is capable of delivering.

Word on the street has it that the Windows Phone 7.8 update will arrive only a few weeks after the initial batch of Windows Phone 8 smartphones hit retail stores. It is going to take a fair amount of patience, and I think that consumers are better off just skipping the Windows Phone 7.8 update cycle, and opt for one of the more affordable Windows Phone 8 devices like the Lumia 822 from Verizon Wireless instead. They say that good things are worth the wait, but is Windows Phone 7.8 really a good thing at all?

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