The Wall Street Journal claims that Apple of Cupertino has placed an order of over 10 million units for Q4 later this year, which should be right now even as you read this all the way to the end of December. The 10 million figure was not plucked out from the air, but rather, it hails from Asian component suppliers to Apple, which also proved to be the source for the iPad mini rumors earlier last week.

If one were to take things into the proper context and perspective, then Apple’s 10 million order for initial iPad mini units eclipses that of their rival, the Amazon Kindle Fire, for the same quarter. Just how much of a difference are we talking about here? Well, we are looking at a cool 5 million difference here. Apple has remained mum on the numerous reports and rumors surrounding their iPad mini, but it does seem as though the smaller tablet is well on its way to being another retail blockbuster.

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