Just a day after the U.K. court reprimanded the Cupertino-based tech giant for issuing a rather lame and non-compliant statement on its website last week, Apple is now publishing its public apology in U.K. newspapers. If you can still recall, Apple was previously ordered by the court to issue a notice on its website and in several British newspapers that rival Samsung did not copy the iPad. One of the U.K. newspapers publishing Apple’s statement today is Guardian, as seen above.

If you’ll read it carefully, it’s actually the same statement it issued last week on its website, but minus the commentary that got the company into trouble in the first place. Apple’s statement today appears to be printed in 14-pt Arial font, which is the required format that the court ordered. But as to the statement Apple posted on its website, it has since been removed following yesterday’s court order. Apple has yet to post an updated statement. Apple might be able to work its way around the ruling. After all, the company was not required to apologize. It was simply ordered to acknowledge the decision of the court.

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