In a bid to ensure that its products will measure up to their promise, Apple is reportedly conducting independent tests on carriers to check for LTE network performance. According to Swisscom, Apple isn’t allowing carriers to offer its latest smartphone, the iPhone 5, unless it can meet a standard. Apple, being the technology giant that it is, appears to be turning the tables around. Carriers will usually test new devices for compatibility – not the other way around.

Apple reportedly announced the policy last month, yet carriers did not confirm it. “Apple only enables 4G access after testing their device on an operator’s live network,” Swisscom said. Furthermore, NorthStream CEO and founder Bengt Nordstrom is also confirming Apple’s new policy. Nordstrom was reportedly shocked when he heard about the policy saying, “Apple have put themselves in the driving seat; it’s really changing the game.” Apple has yet to comment on the report.

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