Good news for those who fly Australia’s Qantas airlines – it seems that the Australian airline company has added Passbook support to its flights, which means that iPhone users running on iOS 6 will be able to check in using their mobile phones and never have to worry about forgetting to bring their boarding pass. While this might be a more convenient situation for airline passengers, it seems that for now, the tickets will be static which means if Qantas were to change your flight times, the Passbook ticket will not reveal the changes.

However according to a Qantas spokesperson, they are hoping to expand the Passbook’s functionality by adding live updates which the company expects to be introduced in 2013. At the moment Passbook support in Australia remains almost non-existent, so it’s good to see some major players throw their support behind the iOS 6 feature. Qantas joins Virgin Australia as being the second airline carrier to offer Passbook support.

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