If there is one thing that absolutely kills you while watching movies, it is this – the hero is about to peer around the corner, where you know for sure danger is lurking there, but all the screaming in the world from your seat is to no avail. If only the protagonist was equipped with this particular camera which is capable of seeing through frosted glass as well as around corners, now that would be swell, and many a heart attack would have been avoided. Scientists in Israel have come up with this unique camera that can see right through opaque objects – frosted glass and skin included.

It does not do this through mystical means, and neither are x-rays or lasers involved, but rather, relies on natural light to get the imaging job done. to perform the imaging. The brains behind this technology are Ori Katz, Eran Small, and Yaron Silberberg who hail from the Weizmann Institute. The normal thing that happens whenever you look at an object through a frosted glass is for the object to lose its definite shape and form, thanks to the scattering media. Scientists over at the Weizmann Institute showed that they are able to resolve the object’s shape as this camera is special enough to gather such white noise and group them together, followed by a 1,000-fold enhancement for an accurately recreated image, now how about that?

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