Near the end of last month, there was the Apple vs Samsung UK court case which happened because Cupertino claimed that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 resembled the iPad too much for Apple’s liking, but the UK court deemed Samsung to be the innocent party and asked Apple to post an apology on their website. Apple did apologize without apologizing, and the entire posting reeked of pride, claiming that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was not as cool as the iPad. Good to know that the UK court is not going to stand for Apple’s shenanigans, letting Apple know that they have 48 hours to comply with the latest order to change their statement and post it up on their website.

Lord Justice Longmore,Lord Justice Kitchin, and Sir Robin Jacob mentioned that they were certainly not pleased with Apple’s non-apology, and touted that they have a 48 hour time window to post the apology in at least an 11 point font. Something tells me that Apple will do so with an 11 point font, nothing larger than that, and Apple even had the gall to say that they need at least 2 weeks to correct their statement. This reeks of immaturity, and is there some sort of culture at Apple that makes them think they are above the law and need not bow down to anyone even though they are in the wrong?

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