It seemed that the CyanogenMod website has been transferred from a .com to a .org after the domain holder made a demand for money. This particular move comes across after the Android ROM community’s discovered that the domain holder wanted to make a quick buck on the domain and project, where the Cyanogen team was asked for $10,000 so that they can retain control of the domain. The domain owner was said to have impersonated Steve “Cyanogen” Kondik, hoping to form referral deals in the process and make a killing off the non-profit organization’s work.

Upon discovery of this deception, Ahmet Deveci asked $10,000 for the domain, where the community’s blog issued a statement that “we won’t (and can’t) pay.” After hearing this, Deveci sabotaged the DNS so that no one else can access the project. CyanogenMod will be making use of the .org domain as its primary location, where the .com will be redirected there. Good to know that all the drama is over now, and the CyanogenMod team can get back to development.

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