cyanogenA couple of months ago, it was reported that Cyanogen Inc. was undergoing layoffs and that they would be focusing their efforts on apps instead of development on CyanogenMod/Cyanogen OS. The company’s co-founder Steve Kondik quickly refuted those claims, saying that CyanogenMod will not be going anywhere.

However it seems that maybe that isn’t 100% the case. Kondik has recently made a comment on this code review page (via Android Police) regarding CyanogenMod 14’s development that reads, “There isn’t really going to be much if any involvement from the Inc this time around and I’m taking on a lot of stuff on my own to try and keep us moving forward.”

Like we said, this seems to be going against what he had said previously, which was, “Cyanogen Inc (including myself) will still be sponsoring the project [CyanogenMod] and will continue to have an active role in it’s [sic] development.” Now it is possible that Kondik’s comment might have been taken out of context or maybe he just made it in a moment of frustration, who knows?

In any case it is unclear what this means for CyanogenMod moving forward. The platform is still open source meaning that other developers are more than welcome to maintain it and create their own versions, although it would be a pity if its creators aren’t as involved anymore.

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