cm protected appsSome apps come with an extra layer of security whereby you have to enter a password or passcode to use it, even if the phone is already unlocked. For example banking apps do require such security measures as it contains sensitive financial information. But what if you wanted to protect apps that might not come with that feature built-in?

If you do, you might be interested to learn that an upcoming CyanogenMod build will have such a feature that’s baked into the operating system. This was revealed by CyanogenMod on Google+ in which they wrote, “Rewrote a bit of the protected apps implementation. It properly intercepts intents now for any application which has a protected component, and even allows for fingerprint authentication if your device supports it.”

However what’s different from CyanogenMod’s application is that it will intercept launches of protected apps, meaning that if you were to click on a link on a website that would launch an app like Facebook or Instagram, and if you have it protected, you will still need to go through the verification process before it opens properly.

It is a pretty cool feature and one that CyanogenMod users can look forward to in future builds. That being said if you’re not a fan of CyanogenMod but want a similar-ish feature, then you could always check out AppLock for Android which should do the trick.

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