Microsoft’s Windows 8 was released not too long ago with a brand new UI, but have you ever wondered what Microsoft’s design team did before finally arriving on that design that we see in our tablets and computers these days? Well in a UX Week 2012 presentation by Microsoft’s Jensen Harris, some of Windows 8’s earlier designs and mockups were revealed. According to Fast Company, Microsoft began working on Windows 8 mockups as early as 2010 which is only a year after Windows 7 hit the market and according to Jensen, the mockups were created in an attempt to unify the vision of all the designs on the Windows team as part of their “vision day”. In any case if you were curious about how some of the earlier mockups of Windows 8 looked like, you can check out some of it in the gallery below. Rather interestingly it seems that Microsoft did not deviate too far from 2010 to 2012 as far as the design was concerned.

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