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Google Nexus 4 will not be making it to the Netherlands or Belgium due to high demand around the world

Google Nexus 4 Review 13 640x426Google’s Nexus 4 certainly turned out to be a pretty hot device, with many eager customers getting their hands on the handset which resulted in it running out of stock in multiple countries. While that is certainly good news for Google and LG (the manufacturer), it might not be so good news for our friends and readers over in the Netherlands and Belgium. Both these two countries were expected to receive the Nexus 4 sometime in November, but now it no longer looks to be the case. Speaking to TechCrunch, LG revealed that, “Due to extremely high demand in countries where the Play Store is in place selling the Nexus 4, Netherlands will not have product availability.”

Basically to sum it up, it seems that because the device has been selling like hotcakes all around the world, LG does not have enough stock for the remainder countries. This is apparently an issue that Google and their manufacturing partners have had with previous Nexus devices, although we guess many Android fans around the world were hoping it might be different this time. We guess our friends in the Netherlands and Belgium who want the Nexus 4 will have to resort to gray market imports for now.

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