Google Play Limiting Nexus 4 Purchases To 2 Per CustomerNow this is interesting. If you’re planning to buy a lot of Nexus 4 smartphones on Google Play for Christmas, you might as well read this report. Apparently Google Play is now limiting the number of Nexus 4 units a user can buy. Not four, not three or one, but two. Just two Nexus 4 units and you’re officially out of luck. Google hasn’t confirmed the limit neither did it gave any explanation.

But perhaps, Google knew that anyone lucky enough to buy more than ten, if not a hundred Nexus 4s, can sell it at a much higher price. No question whether or not it would sell, because the Nexus 4 is one hot Android smartphone. In fact, it’s so hot that the device sold out immediately upon debut. Google even had to cancel its debut in Netherlands and Belgium due to the high demand. In case you missed our Nexus review, you can check it out here.

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