HTC denies they are paying Apple $6 $8 per Android phoneBack when Apple and HTC reached their settlement agreement, naturally the details of their agreement was kept confidential although we’re sure many were curious as to how much HTC could be paying Apple. Rumors surfaced that suggested that HTC could be paying Apple $6-$8 per Android device although HTC’s very own Peter Chou has since come forward and officially stated that those rumors were “outrageous” and called those estimates baseless.

Reports of the $6-$8 HTC were paying Apple came from analyst Shawn Wu who sent a note to investors, estimating that the settlement could lead to HTC paying Apple the figures mentioned above, which in turn could net Apple anywhere between $180-$280 million as HTC was expected to ship 30-35 million Android smartphones in 2013. We doubt HTC or Apple will be releasing the official figures anytime soon, but we guess we can finally give this particular rumor a rest.

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