The iPad is already becoming a household name. In fact, it’s too popular that people are willing to jump at almost any opportunity to get one. But one woman from Arlington was unfortunately deceived for her desire to get one. Jalonta Freeman was fueling her car at a gas station when a stranger approached her and offered to sell her an iPad that he claimed was originally worth $800. The price was $200, so Freeman immediately grabbed the offer and drove home.

And just as she thought that it was the biggest deal ever, she was surprised to find a tablet-sized mirror that had been duct-taped in the back with an Apple logo on it. Probably it took some time for reality to sink in, but she says that she felt stupid and robbed. Freeman learned a valuable lesson and offered an advice saying, “Don’t buy nothing on the streets from nobody.” The police said that this was not the first time. Last year, similar incidents were also reported. “Crimes of this kind always increase leading up to Christmas,” a police spokesperson said.

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