Awhile back it was ruled by Administrative Judge Thomas Pender that Samsung was indeed in violation of four of Apple’s patents, while not infringing upon two. Both Apple and Samsung requested that the ITC review the ruling, albeit for different reasons. Samsung naturally wanted the ITC to review it and hopefully rule more towards their favor, while Apple was hoping for broader sanctions. Well the ITC staff have come back with their finding and it seems like neither company got what they wanted from the review, although in this case it looks like Samsung is on the losing end.

The ITC staff are supporting the initial ruling, stating that Administrative Judge Thomas Pender did not commit legal or factual error and basically denied Samsung their petition, along with Apple’s, but in Apple’s case the ITC staff found the Samsung Transform to have infringed upon an Apple patent, while the initial ruling found that it did not infringe on Apple’s patent. A final ITC decision is expected to be made soon and it’s likely that ITC staff’s finding will play a role in that.

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