The Raspberry Pi is one hot piece of commodity when it was first introduced and shipped earlier this year, allowing hobbyists to take advantage of its relatively low, low price to come up with projects of their own. We are willing to venture out and say that the LapPi is one of the more creative and interesting methods of implementing the Raspberry Pi, where you have a laptop built from scratch. Of course, with a 700 MHz ARM11 processor running underneath the hood accompanied by 512MB RAM (although the newer Pis come with 1GB RAM it seems), it is not much to work with in the first place, but at least you can run some of the more basic programs out there at decent speeds without missing a beat. Other connectivity options include Ethernet, USB, and HDMI, and the LapPi project will also boast of WiFi and Bluetooth support, in addition to a keyboard, a touchpad, a display, and batteries to keep this puppy going while you are on the move. Not only that, avid DIYer SilverJimmy also decided to include GPS, a microphone, and stereo speakers to get you started on the right footing.

The LapPi is powered by a 10-pack of rechargeable AA batteries, although there is an option to have 8 alkaline AA batteries juice it instead. However, folks who are averse to DIY projects might just purchase a netbook instead, as it will probably cost the equivalent of cobbling the LapPi together.

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