Just in case you were wondering what the MetaWatch STRATA is all about, this is a smartwatch which has been realized into our reality thanks to it hitting the kind of Kickstarter funds that it was looking for, which stood at $309,436. Having picked up FCC approval, this is a key milestone that will see the MetaWatch STRATA make its way to the US, although we will not be surprised to see it hit the market in other countries as well. Similar in some ways to the Pebble, the MetaWatch STRATA will hook up to your smartphone over a Bluetooth connection, where it will then deliver a range of data, where it ranges from call and text notifications to calendar alerts, weather information and stock ticker data.

Not only that, the MetaWatch STRATA will also allow you to control music playback, where among them include volume, play/pause and next track functions. It is said that the future will also see the STRATA Widget SDK being released, enabling developers to come up with their very own custom apps for the device.

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