It seems that Microsoft DirectX 11.1 will be a Windows 8 exclusive, which goes against the grain where Microsoft’s standard operating procedure is concerned, supporting older operating systems for some time before they are considered truly obsolete. I guess Windows Vista and Windows 7 owners who game a whole lot might take the most brunt out of this announcement, making it feel as though one needs to make a “forced” upgrade where the operating system is concerned – which is not a bad thing actually seeing how Windows 8 has so far been pretty decent in its performance, but perhaps letting users upgrade at their own pace would be a better idea?

Daniel Moth, a Microsoft developer, did confirmed that DirectX 11.1, “which in theory could be shipped on other platforms. However, at this point there is no plan for that to happen. This is a decision owned by the Windows team and it is out of our hands.”

If you are still running on Windows 7, will this shove make you pony up more dollars for an operating system upgrade, or are you all right with where you are at the moment?

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